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Learning Pictures

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Crossover Jaws


Jaws Learning Picture


Climb Learning Picture


Take Off Learning Picture


Uphill Learning Picture


Dive Learning Picture


Aim Learning Picture


Mid Level Learning Picture


Surface Learning Picture


Downhill Learning Picture


Landing Learning Picture


Snow Plow Learning Picture


Crossover Jaws Animation -- This link takes you to a GIF file animation of a Crossover Jaws "learning movie."


Pat All reported on the learning pictures and their names (All, 1977). Likewise, that same year Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley (1977) presented learning pictures to the MABA convention.

The Learning Pictures shown on the pages in this section are for educational reference and illustrative purposes only.

These pages do not attempt to teach learning pictures, how to read celerations, how to read charts, how to chart frequencies, or how to assess and evaluate the learning pictures one actually obtains.

All charts shown are likenesses only of actual Standard Celeration Charts. All learning pictures depicted are "stylized" for educational reference purposes only, and are not pictures of actual behavioral data.

Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley invented the Standard Celeration Chart, founded Behavior Research Company, and has been the main proponent and developer of both Precision Teaching and standard celeration charting.

Actual Standard Celeration Charts can be purchased from the Behavior Research Company, Box 3351, Kansas City, KS 66103. FAX: 913 362-5900.

Note: 11/11/08 Fax orders are no longer accepted. Purchase of Standard Celeration Charts are through the Behavior Research Company website.


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