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Links to Standard Chart and Other Websites

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Updated December 19, 2002

Links checked and updated, Regina Claypool-Frey, December 2008


Standard Celeration Sites:



Celeration Technologies

Graf web article on measuring inner and outer behavior Internet archive page

Scott Born's Excel Standard Celeration Chart Internet archive page


Effective Instruction Sites:


ADI Online

Angie's Page Internet archive page

Direct Instruction (K-6) INACTIVE/No alternative page

Instructional Design SIG

Instructional Systems Site INACTIVE/No alternative page

Kozloff - Home page for Dr. Martin Kozloff


Og Lindsley Vita and Biography -- Via the Internet Way Back Machine

PracticeMill - Authoring and Testing Tool for Teachers and Trainers

Resources.html at www.uncwil.edu


Behavior Analysis Sites:


**Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA) International ****Updated

Behavior 2000 List Archives

Behavior Analyst On-Line

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis Updated

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of BehaviorUpdated

Michelle Cohen's Parents for Applied Behavioral Analysis site

Teaching Behavior Analysis SIG

Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group

What Is Behavior Analysis? Internet archive page

William S. Verplanck site


Other Instructional Systems, Science and Scholarship Resource Sites:


APA Style


Buckminster Fuller Institute


Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions

Education Consumers

E-Prime Internet archive page

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources

Greek and Latin roots

International Society for General Semantics

International Society for Performance Improvement

John Taylor Gatto website

Literary Terms and Rhetorical Devices Internet archive page

Mathematically Correct

Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Web of On-line Dictionaries


Search Engines and Search Results Pages



Google Web Directory - Reference > Education > Instructional Technology

Google Web Directory - Computers > Education

Google Web Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Psychology

Internet Way Back Machine -- Search and Find Old and No-longer-existing web pages!

JABA Search Engine

Amended to reflect current search engine function



"Instructional Design"




JEAB Search Engine

Amended to reflect current search engine function

Keyword =

"equivalence relations"



"stimulus equivalence"

"verbal behavior"


Additional Sites of Interest

ALS Survival Guide -- Doug Eshleman Internet archive page

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Extraordinary Claim? Move the Goal Posts!

Google Search -- Doug Eshleman

Junk Science Home Page

Killology Research Group

Ray Tome's Cycles website Internet archive page

Szasz Manifesto Internet archive page



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Revised -- December 19, 2002.




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